Heath & Molly are an American Folk-Rock duo from Rumsey, Kentucky.

The duo is comprised of husband and wife Heath & Molly Eric. Heath & Molly blend vocals, acoustic guitars, and various percussion to create a homegrown and powerful roots music experience with the sonic value of a much larger ensemble. They perform an average of 150 shows each year across the USA and Europe. 

“It is only a matter of time until the mainstream music world recognizes their exceptional talent. They are as good as it gets.

“Just saw you guys perform! You were amazing!

...an acoustical re-awakening, the 'Concert in the Cave' stirred a depth of emotion and raw musical experience that is unparalleled in our 30+ years of concert going.”

We were blown away... We love their woodsy harmonies and rapport. More. More.”

“I was just in front of the stage for both performances you had (in Europe), has been great to listen to you, you have a new fan from Italy ROCK!

“Best concert I've ever seen in Frankfort... ...more sound than most full bands... WONDERFUL sounds!
NEWS4U Spotlight Artist May 2016

NEWS4U Spotlight Artist May 2016