Beneath the Roots CD Cover

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*For Immediate Release* [Rumsey, KY] - International Roots-Rockers Heath & Molly and Indie Artist Record Label Rumsey Records LLC announce the release of the much anticipated LIVE Album, Beneath the Roots, LIVE in Cascade Cave. The album contains songs compiled from LIVE recordings from two Heath & Molly concert performances (August 10, 2013 and July 19, 2014) INSIDE Cascade Cave at Carter Caves State Resort Park in Olive Hill, Kentucky.

During both of the concerts, rain was falling outside. This made for a hazy, humid, wet, muddy, mystical environment inside the cave. Fans filled the seating area in fold up chairs. Heath & Molly set up under a large canopy tent to protect their gear from the water. Clusters of bats hung overhead. The sounds of moving water, music, and loud applause echoed underground throughout the night.

“The vibe inside Cascade Cave is simply magical. We somehow managed to capture that energy on these recordings and can now share that experience with our friends and fans. It’s a special album for sure,” said Molly Eric.

“We used very minimal post-production processing for the final mix and mastering of the CD. Our goal was to create an authentic, organic concert experience, truly reflecting the sounds that happened inside the cave. There are no additional effects or reverb on the CD. The listener gets the full sonic experience of being right there in the cave with the bats, water, audience, Park Naturalists, and Heath & Molly!” added Heath Eric.

Beneath the Roots, LIVE in Cascade Cave features 13 tracks and a bonus track of the natural sounds of “James Branch in the Lake Room,” the waterway that continues to carve out the cave.

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